martedì 29 gennaio 2013

Waiting Valentine's Day

Il giorno di San Valentino è vicino e non vorremmo mica arrivare impreparati a quel bellissimo giorno senza sapere cosa regalare al nostro amato/a?
Ecco per voi una piccola scelta sui possibili regali:

Valentine's Day is near and we must face up it with new ideas for gifts for our loved ones. Here it is a small selection of possible gifts:

1. You can customize it with your names!

2. Bracelets for valentine's day by Cruciani+Damiani.
If you want a lower price you can prove the eternity of your love with the bracelet Infinity by Cruciani (euro 10,00)

3. Box containing Lindor chocolate hearts with a metal heart-shaped padlock. Lindt

4. Man's Boxer. Intimissimi

5. Necklace (euro 89,00) and ring (euro 59,00) by Swarovsky.

Spero che queste idee vi siano utili! ;)

I hope these ideas will be useful for you! ;)

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